Hollywood Democrats are alienating Red State voters

Rick Moran:
'Red-state hate' by liberals will re-elect Donald Trump in 2020


... The hysterical denunciations of Trump are also targeting his supporters. The way the media covers a Trump rally is incredible. Attendees are described as almost sub-human - ignorant yahoos; violent, racist, and slavishly in love with Trump.

No one likes to be insulted - especially when they are told they are inferior to other people when they know they're not. It may be that the 2020 election will be Trump's to lose no matter how unpopular he may be. And Democrats will only have themselves to blame.
I have never seen such hate directed toward ordinary people with a different political point of view.  Democrats can get every vote in California and still lose the Presidential race.  In fact in 2016, if you exclude California voting Trump did win the popular vote total for the otehr 49 states.


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