Democrats to focus on their counter intuitive arguments about 'climate change'

NY Times:

Pressed by Climate Activists, Senate Democrats Plan to ‘Go on Offense’

Senator Chuck Schumer says Senate Democrats plan daily floor speeches on climate change, a special select committee and climate legislation to run on next year — and enact in 2021.
Call it the Gore effect.  The former Vice President who has been pushing "climate change" for years seem to often be met by unseasonably cold weather.  The Democrats are making this pitch during another polar vortex of extreme cold.   BTW, Has the NY Times ever cataloged all of Gore's failed predictions of things like the Arctic being ice-free by now.  How about the suggestion that New York City and other coastal regions would be underwater? 

It is these failed projections of Gore and others that have brought climate change into such ill repute.  If it were really based on science and not speculation, they should be able to tell us which of their assumptions on which they based their projections were invalid.  They do not seem to be able to do that.


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