Democrats questions about Kushner security clearance appear to be politically motivated

NY Times:

House Democrats Demand Information From White House About Security Clearances

After the revelation that President Trump had ordered that his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, be granted a top-secret clearance, two committees are now seeking documents and interviews with officials.
The President believes that Kushner has negotiating skills that can help the US achieve its foreign policy objectives and the clearance is necessary to do that.   It looks like Kushner's clearance problem was likely the result of Deep State animus toward the administration and its foreign policy objectives. 

There have been too many instances of Deep State activity attempting to thwart Trump President including the FBI-DOJ coup attempt.  The President has the authority to grant security clearances where he deems it necessary.  The actions of the two congressional committees look like more Democrat Presidential harassment.  There have been a series of bad faith moves by Democrats to push the Russian collusion hoax and attempt to embarrass the President.  This looks like another one.


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