Climate change brainwashing

Richard Baehr:
The mainstreaming of climate change hysteria into the public schools, beginning in early grades, has probably more to do with the overwhelming leftist sentiments of the rising generations than any other factor, including demographic shifts in the population. Preferring socialism to capitalism is linked to the belief that corporations, particularly certain kinds, are responsible for rising temperatures, and only government can change the direction and save the planet.

The video of California senator Dianne Feinstein facing an angry collection of very young kids who demanded she take action to "save their lives" by adopting the Green New Deal is evidence of the brainwashing technique and results.

The children's teacher was of course there in full-throated fashion to support her young collectivists.
AOC is another person whose brain has been bent by this propaganda.  There is no balance in teaching.  There is no critical thinking to challenge the brainwashers on the failure of predictions of dire consequences.  The Arctic was supposed to be ice free by now, and coastal cities like New York were supposed to be underwater.  Where is the explanation for these failures?  They are never discussed.  Instead, they keep projecting more doom and gloom and ignore their past failed predictions.


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