Trump has become a popular figure in other countries

Thomas Lifson:
The mainstream media pretends that their scorn for President Trump is almost universally shared overseas. While globalists everywhere (along with their media allies) dislike him for standing up for national sovereignty, a rising tide of populist revolt is shaking them to their core. And Trump is a hero – even a superhero – to the growing number of anti-globalist populists around the world.

Stark evidence of this popularity of President Trump comes from Italy, where a populist government won power – though the media tend to ignore this. The Carnival of Viareggio, described as “world-famous” by (the website chosen by Jeff Bezos for his j’accuse manifesto against the National Enquirer) dates back to 1873, and has established itself as the venue for featuring amazing giant figures. It takes place in Tuscany, a wealthy area that is a magnet for tourists worldwide.

Most delightful of all: This crowd transferred their love of President Trump into love for America.

Of course, this is but the latest evidence that President Trump is inspiring people all over the world. My colleague Monica Showalter offers these examples that are shunned by our lying media:
  • Thousands in England chant “We want Trump”

Liberalism is losing the people all over.  Resistance to Trump is futile.   Check out some of the pictures from the Italian rally and its giant Trump in armor figure.


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