'Social' justice is a means of enforcing prejudice

Noah Rothman:
On a basic level, nothing could be more American than the idea of “social justice.” Theoretically, it is an ideological commitment to equality and fairness, seeking restitution for historical wrongs and achieving reconciliation.

In reality, it is something far more sinister.

Social justice is identity politics in practice, which has come to reject objectivity and colorblindness. It instructs adherents to see society as an unnavigable matrix of overlapping persecutions and reject meritocracy as an unattainable myth, sapping them of agency and robbing them of individuality. And when the political system fails to meet these unrealistic expectations, it leads its devotees to lash out.

For a growing cohort on the social justice left, the measured approach to civil rights displayed by historical advocates, such as the American Civil Liberties Union, is an obstacle on the path to karmic equity. After all, “colorblind logic,” wrote K-Sue Park, a Critical Race Studies fellow at UCLA, has “never secured real freedom or even safety for all.”

The tenets of this new faith proscribe what the University of California system has called the “myth of meritocracy.” Among the forbidden “micro-aggressions” the sufficiently woke should avoid are boilerplate expressions of patriotism like “America is the land of opportunity” and “Everyone can succeed in this society if they work hard enough.” Pupils are instructed that they cannot achieve their dreams without the aid of enlightened liberal Sherpas.

Racial segregation in American schools and universities is making a comeback. Faculty and administrators defend the concept of demographically distinct “safe spaces” and racially segregated cafeteria tables in the effort to prevent “uncomfortable learning.”

While a legitimate theory for understanding prejudice, intersectionality has transformed its adherents into blinkered paranoiacs. It has driven the Women’s March organizers to embrace noxious elements like the cop killer Assata Shakur and the anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan. To abandon them would suggest devotees hold the same prejudices against which they claim to struggle.
Justice is a word that needs no modifier in front of it.  I reject the racist attempts to push a hostile agenda as somehow a more benevolent means of meeting the objectives of leftist.   It is wrapped up with all the nutty claims about the "patriarchy" and other gobbledegook coming out of feminist academia.  It is all racist and sexist nonsense.


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