How the coup attempt against Trump was conducted

Francey Hakes:
Inside DOJ and FBI: Anatomy of a bloodless coup?
Hakes, a former prosecutor. points out how the coup plotters ignored protocol to push the Russian collusion hoax story in an attempt to keep Trump from winning and then to try to force him out of office.  I think the case against the plotters is pretty convincing.

For several years now Democrats and their cohorts in prosecution offices have misused their power to try to overturn the will of the people.  In Texas, we have seen it on more than one occasion with the indictment of Kay Baily Hutchison after she won her Senate seat and more recently the charges against Rick Perry that were subsequently thrown out by the court of Criminal Appeals.  In Wisconsin, a prosecutor used the notorious John Doe laws in response to an election lost by the Democrats.

The Russian hoax is one of the most ambitious coup attempts in History.  It is still ongoing.  None of the perps have faced justice and most have not even been indicted.  The Mueller probe is part and parcel of this coup attempt and has been operated like an extortion racket where people are charged with unrelated crimes or with process crimes in an attempt to extort testimony against the President in furtherance of the coup attempt.

In all of these cases, the Democrats involved have never really faced justice.  That needs to change.


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