Democrat politicians have made their party one of government greed

Jack Hellner:
A significant number of journalists and other Democrats are jumping on the wealth tax bandwagon because they say the rich don't pay their fair share and that the tax code is not progressive enough.

The top 20% of earners paid 87% of income taxes even though they only earned 52% of the nations' income. How much more progressive would you want it to be? It appears that journalists, along with most Democrats, want the richest counties in the United States (which are around DC where they produce nothing) to get richer while holding down the opportunities for those throughout the rest of the country, especially the poor and middle class (who you pretend to care about).

Most of the richest 20% today did move up the economic ladder. They did not inherit the money but somehow, even if they did, Democrats think they are entitled to a greater and greater share of what other people earn.

To Democrats, the problem is the government never has enough revenue even though it collects a record amount. There is always something new to tax, and today, it is wealth or marijuana or gambling or just raising rates on the "rich" without acknowledging that taking more money out of the private sector slows growth. They never seem to suggest that government can live with less.

In FY 2009 the government collected $2.1 Trillion. In FY 2017 it collected $3.32 Trillion and it continues to grow. That is up around 60% in eight years. Have individuals received a 60% raise in eight years. I don't think so, but Democrats want more for the government.
These Democrat politicians see their political power as being derived from government dependency.  They are constantly thinking up new schemes to make people dependent on the government for everyday items from food to healthcare and using other people's money to pay for these schemes.  What they find frightening about the Trump economy is that it is lifting many of their constituents out of poverty and dependency.  It is another reason why they are so intent on importing a new dependency class that will compete with blacks and Hispanics for jobs while being counted in the census just like they were citizens giving Democrats more seats than they deserve.

These Democrat politicians are more concerned with Jerry Jones spending his money on a yacht rather than giving it to them that they do not think of all the people working at the manufacturing facility that got jobs making that yacht and all the people he will have to hire to maintain it.  There alternative would put those people on welfare and food stamps and use Jerry Jones money to buy their votes.


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