Bezos wants the Enquirer to disclose its sources for stories while his Washington Post still keeps their sources a secret

Jack Hellner:
One of the major stories in the media yesterday was how Jeff Bezos was complaining that the National Enquirer was trying to extort money unless Bezos stops trying to find out the source of the racy photos to the Enquirer.

I saw a journalist at the New York Times on the Today show on Friday morning say how important it is to know the source of stories and to be transparent. It is truly rich and disingenuous of anyone at the NYT, the WaPo, or any other mainstream news outlet to talk about the need to know the source of articles when they all run so many stories based on anonymous sources and without evidence.

Then we hear how the National Enquirer spiked stories on Trump and how bad that is, as if they don't spike stories every day to hide from the public things they don't want the public to see, while they gladly target Trump and Republicans based on anonymous stories with no evidence.

For over two years, the media have been targeting Trump with the fake Russian collusion story with no evidence. For the same two years, the media have known how the FBI, Justice, and the Obama administration targeted Trump and protected Hillary and other guilty parties every step of the way. Yet that story is basically spiked, with the media not only killing the story but defending the FBI by saying how independent it is and how no one is above the law. What a crock!

Look at how the WaPo spiked the story of the Democrat lieutenant governor before the election, even though they had evidence that the incident took place while they and the rest of the media gladly targeted Kavanaugh, in collusion with Democrats, despite no evidence that the incident in question took place.

I believe that the National Enquirer should tell Bezos who the source of the pictures and stories was at exactly the same time that the Washington Post, the N.Y. Times, and other media outlets list their sources of all their stories, especially the ones they publish with no evidence.
The media does appear to have a double standard on the stories it spikes and the disclosure of sources.  But that is typical of many Democrats in and outside the media.  They make their decisions based on what will help them gain support for the Democrat agenda.


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