Another piece of the Russian collusion hoax crumbles

Washington Post:
Blocked calls with Trump Jr. around Trump Tower meeting were not with his father, Senate investigators conclude

The then-candidate’s son communicated with longtime business associates in the mystery calls, according to two people familiar with the findings.
I don't think it would have been material if he had communicated with his father other than an attempt to try to make one or both of them look like a liar.  In this case, there is no evidence to support the attempt to try to claim Trump was told about an inconsequential meeting.  Democrats have been too desperate to grab at straws in pushing the Russian collusion hoax.

It is all so hypocritical on the Democrats' part.  Nothing of substance came out of the meeting.  But Hillary Clinton through Perkins Coie, Fusion GPS and a foreign national named Steele compiled a bunch of hearsay stories from alleged Russian sources and used this material to trigger an FBI investigation and created a scandal in hopes of toppling the President and no one is being prosecuted for the real Russian collusion and a real coup attempt against the President.


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