U-haul statistics show Texas as top destination for those moving

In 2018, more people took one-way U-haul trips to Texas than any other state

For the third year in a row, U-Haul announces Texas as the number one state in growth according to number of one-way trips.
Texas now accounts for over 50 percent of U-haul traffic.

... Texas cities that received notable net-gain in 2018 include New Braunfels, Round Rock, Irving, Arlington, Katy, Spring, Pharr and Brownsville. The growth in these cities reflects the major growth in Central Texas, the DFW area, the Houston area and South Texas.
Pharr and Brownsville are the big surprises in the moves.  Both are in the lower Rio Grande Valley which has lagged the rest of the state on economic growth.  The Port of Brownsville is getting some attention from the energy export business with companies seeking to build facilities for exporting LNG and also handle oil supertankers.


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