The photo does not seem to make the point of the 'analysis'

NY Times:


Trump and Pompeo Embrace Autocrats and Disparage Opponents at Home

President Trump’s affinity for strongmen is well established, but rarely has his administration offered such a striking break with diplomatic tradition.
The picture is of the President meeting with law enforcement on the border with Mexico in support of building a barrier to illegal immigration.  How that can be interpreted as an "affinity for strongmen' is not obvious. 

Nor is the Pompeo speech in Cairo which urged Middle Eastern countries to unite against Iranian aggression.  You would think someone with an affinity for strongmen would really like the strongmen who run Iran.  They are some of the biggest despots on earth who use proxy forces to kill their adversaries. 

BTW, the Border Patrol officer in the foreground of the picture described some of the criminals captured on the border in recent days.  Does the Times think that a dedicated law enforcement officer is a "strongman" or "autocrat"?

This analysis appears to be part of a media hate campaign against the President and his policies which are consistent with the previous position of Democrats who now oppose him.


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