The obvious flaw in the Democrats 'solution' to border issue

They propose that Trump sign the appropriation bills and then they will negotiate.  But they have had over three weeks to negotiate and have operated in bad faith at every turn. 

Pelosi was in Hawaii instead of negotiating over Christmas.  Schumer never showed up at the White House to negotiate during the entire time.  Why should anyone believe that they will negotiate if the appropriation bills are past and signed? 

I would not trust them for a minute to do so.  It would be more bad faith and more stalling.  They have proposed no compromise that could be the basis of an agreement.

It appears their strategy is to try to get Republican Senators to go along with their BS offer.  It would be a political mistake for any Republican to do so.

The Democrats have presented no viable alternative to the border barrier.  Until they agree to such a barrier there should be no deal with the Democrats.


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