Media ignores California mismanagement of forest that fed the wildfires

Washington Post:
Trump threatened to cut California wildfire aid. He may not have the authority to follow through.

The president claimed without evidence that California would not need the funds if it practiced “proper” forest management.
This is media malpractice to suggest Trump's statement is without evidence.  California has failed to cut the deadwood out of the forest and also failed to clear the underbrush.  Both act as accelerants to a wildfire.

Even people in California are beginning to recognize that the environmentalist policies have led to catastrophe.  Clearing the dead wood would not only reduce the risk but also would help pay for the management of the forest and the clearing of the underbrush. 

There is ample evidence as well as common sense to demonstrate that proper forest management would save lives and property.  This is another example of the media writing briefs for liberal extremists rather than reporting the facts.


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