How other illegal aliens helped the alleged cop killer in California

Monica Showalter:
The Breitbart report, citing police sources, shows that seven family members of this alleged shooter were right there at the ready to help him evade any responsibility for his actions, and there was a human-smuggler there to help, too. It seemed to happen like clockwork. One might have helped him steal the gun from Washington State and apparently lied to the cops about it; another allegedly covered up a bullet hole in Arriaga's pickup that was left there after the murder; one packed three changes of clothing for the alleged cop-killer so as to escape in comfort; one drove him to a relative's house in Stockton so as to wait the matter out (apparently, they were thrown out by some relatives who wanted no truck with the law, though I don't see any evidence they called the cops); one disposed of the murder weapon; one transported the alleged cop-killer elsewhere; one tricked a relative into a loan for the getaway, via the human-smuggler who got the whole group into the U.S. in the first place; one bought him a new cell phone; one brought a new change of clothes; and someone wired five hundred bucks for the escape.

All this in the course of Arriaga's two days on the run. Supposedly, he's a gang member, but the evidence here suggests that his gang is his family. And surprise, surprise: This group that acted with such military precision is all here illegally.

These are the people the media idolizes with sob stories in their bid to ensure open borders. These are the people House speaker Nancy Pelosi waxes poetic about regarding their "souls." These are the people leftist judges refuse to sentence on account of the potential for their being deported afterward, creating one set of laws for Americans and another for foreigners. These are the people Democrats would like to have citizenship with voting rights, as well as hand out free health care to in California itself.
These people could be charged as accessories after the fact in the killing of the officer.  Democrats have mostly stood mute in response to their actions although Gov. Brown made the bogus claim that it had nothing to do with the states ridiculous sanctuary laws which allowed them to stay in the country.


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