Houston area substitute teacher captured with ISIS in Syria?

Houston Chronicle:
A former Fort Bend substitute teacher who applied to teach English for the Islamic State overseas has reportedly been captured in Syria by Kurdish rebels.

Warren Christopher Clark, 34, who used the nom de guerre Abu Mohammad al-Ameriki, along with five other alleged ISIS supporters, including another American man, an Irish man and two Pakistanis, according to an online news release Sunday from the Syrian Democratic Forces.

A letter ostensibly written by Clark offering his service to the Islamic State was previously obtained by a team of sleuthing counterrorism scholars at George Washington University.

“Rarely are ISIS sympathizers so formal in their offers of support,” said Seamus Hughes, a counterterrorism expert at GWU’s Program on Extremism, who previously served as senior counterterrorism advisor for the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

According to a resume previously obtained by the university scholars, Clark graduated from the University of Houston just over a decade ago and was a substitute English as a Second Language teacher in Fort Bend for more than a year before he moved onto similar assignments in Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Hughes said in an online post Sunday that Clark appeared most interested in helping support the Caliphate — a utopian state building project — unlike some Americans, who sought to join the jihadists in combat after viewing brutal images of civilians impacted by bombings by the Assad regime.
Copies of the letter and resume retrieved from a house in Mosul, Iraq — obtained by Hughes and two colleagues at GWU — indicate that Clark wanted a job as an English teacher for Islamic State terrorists. The author, who signs off in his breezy cover letter as Abu Mohammad, says he has “always loved teaching others and learning from others.”
If the report is accurate Clark could be using his skills in a prison system somewhere in the future.


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