Green energy is a flop

Peter Foster:
Despite being the beneficiaries of billions of dollars in subsidies, wind and solar compose just a tiny fraction of overall energy use in the United States. The pie chart below is from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, and it shows that oil, natural gas, coal, and nuclear power provide far more of our energy than wind and solar, which together account for about 3 percent of our total energy consumption.

The minuscule contribution of wind and solar to our energy mix is the same abroad as it is here in America. The article below explains how insignificant wind and solar are on a more global scale. The article was originally written by Peter Foster in the Financial Post....
It is a small part of the energy mix despite being heavily subsidized because it is inefficient and not reliable especially in extreme weather situations.  Proponents have not solved the problem of the inability to scale production to meet demand.  While batteries have been suggested for storage, at this time they are not feasible or affordable.


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