Fusion and its allies still pushing bogus Cohen to Prague story claiming meeting could have happened on yacht, but the country is land locked

Rowan Scarborough:
Map of Czech Republic

Under questioning by Rep. Adam B. Schiff, California Democrat, Mr. Simpson presented a scenario in which Cohen traveled from the Hamptons, perhaps on a private Russian plane, and could have ended up on a yacht in the Adriatic Sea.

“There is a very puzzling sequence of events that we spent a lot of time looking at,” Mr. Simpson testified, according to a transcript released later.

“There were all these yachts nearby and that, you know, there had been rumors of meetings between Trump people and Russians on yachts off Dubrovnik [Croatia],” he said.

Mr. Steele has never disclosed his source or sources for his Prague entries in the 17 memos that make up the anti-Trump dossier. His dossier cites as sources a number of unidentified Kremlin intelligence figures.

McClatchy’s Prague stories, written by Greg Gordon and Peter Stone, quote unidentified sources.

On MSNBC, Mr. Gordon said they relied on thirdhand sources and did not view direct evidence.

“I wish we had,” Mr. Gordon said, according to the website Mediaite. “We held out for a while for that and it came a time when we thought they had a crucial mass. It is a competitive business.

“Some of the sources have government sources and some of the sources are people who have told us that they have trusted intelligence-type sources that they get information from,” he said. “We don’t know the specifics, but we have used these sources on many subjects and they have been very accurate.”
You will note on the map that Croatia does not even border with the Czech Republic.  The Czech Republic is in Central Europe.   While there are some rivers near Prague, it is unlikely that someone could get on a boat in there without first landing in Prague or some other city.  Simpson's conjecture does not even meet the giggle test.  That he is still pushing this BS is ridiculous.


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