Employee of China's Huawei arrested in Poland for spying

Poland has arrested a Chinese businessman working for the Huawei technology company on suspicion of espionage, authorities in Warsaw said today.

“A Pole and a Chinese citizen have been arrested on suspicion of spying. The Chinese individual is a businessman working for an important telecommunications firm,” Maciej Wasik, deputy head of Poland’s special services, said.

Local media identified the firm as Huawei Technologies Co and said the suspect was the sales director of its office in Poland.

US intelligence agencies allege that Huawei is linked to China’s government and that “backdoors” built into its technology could be exploited by government spy agencies.
The US recently had Canada arrest an officer of the company on charges that it violated US sanctions against Iran.  There have been several allegations that the company is tied to Chinese intelligence.  There is particular concern that Huawei's 5-G network would lead to significant spying in the West.


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