Dan Crenshaw rebuff's the Democrats wild allegations

Washington Examiner:
Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, issued a stern admonishment Sunday of a House Democrat who recently compared President Trump to Adolf Hitler and described his supporters as being alcohol-addicted and prone to drug abuse.

In a two-minute video the freshman GOP lawmaker chastised Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga., for the combative speech he delivered last week.

"President Trump is a lot of things, but he's not Hitler. He didn't kill millions of people. He didn't start a world war. He doesn't have any concentration camps," Crenshaw said. "And to accuse him of being Hitler is intellectually dishonest, and frankly, a huge insult to the millions of Jews who died under Nazi Germany."

"If you want to insult President Trump, at least you're picking on someone your own size -- at least you're picking on somebody who can fight back" he continued. "But you went on to insult, degrade, and demean tens of millions of Americans who voted for him. This is a cowardly form of politics."
At the end of his video, Crenshaw pledged to never insult Johnson's supporters, mentioning "deplorables" in a list of possible insults he would avoid -- a reference to gaffe Hillary Clinton made during the 2016 campaign when discussing Trump's base.

"This is not the behavior we expect from a member of Congress," Crenshaw said. "So I'll leave you with this. Pick on somebody your own size. Pick on me if you like. My office will be right down the hall from yours."
What caused this crazy talk from Hank Johnson?  I suspect it is because blacks are doing better under Trump than have under any Democrat administration.  More of them have jobs and are off government dependency.  Trump's approval rating among blacks is on the rise and that is a scary thing for Democrat politicians. It also explains why Johnson is insulting Trump voters as a way to discourage blacks from joining them.

Crenshaw continues to be a breath of fresh air on the political stage.  He is demonstrating leadership and a willingness to engage in a more reasonable debate.


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