Chinese Admiral should take heed that US Navy will shoot back

Ed Timberlake:
A Chinese admiral in the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) named Luo Yuan* just told America we had best sound General Quarters. ("Sound General Quarters – all hands man your battle station" is a Navy term meaning prepare to fight.)

Since PRC leaders mean what they say, a "Victory at Sea" sequel maybe fast approaching.
"What the United States fears the most is taking casualties," Admiral Lou declared.

He said the loss of one super carrier would cost the US the lives of 5000 service men and women. Sinking two would double that toll.

"We'll see how frightened America is."

If PLA satellites are a problem and it is a choice between putting a carrier battle group at risk or fighting a space war, I think the fighting Navy is capable and ultimately ruthless enough to blind the PRC military.

After the PLA shot down a satellite from a land-based launch pad, the U.S. Navy demonstrated our at sea capability. From a Department of Defense report:
At approximately 10:26 p.m. EST, Feb. 20, (2008) a U.S. Navy AEGIS warship, USS Lake Erie (CG-70), fired a single modified tactical Standard Missile-3 (SM-3) hitting the satellite approximately 133 nautical miles over the Pacific Ocean as it traveled in space at more than 17,000 mph. USS Decatur (DDG-73) and USS Russell (DDG-59) were also part of the task force.
So let us make it simple for the PLA, PLAN, PLAAF, and 2nd Artillery: the U.S. Navy is battle-tested, with a legacy of carrying the fight to any enemy.

In the 21st century, it will be important that no platform fight alone. USN satellite-killing Aegis ships are joined by F-35Bs flying from the Navy/Marine Amphibious Readiness Group "Gator" Navy – the USMC F-35B V/Stol. This is a huge at sea multiplier in capability. Carrier battle group air wings with the F-35C will give naval forces afloat both situational awareness and the ability to fight a three-dimensional war.

Anti-submarine warfare is a huge war-at-sea weakness of the Chinese PLAN. In the American Navy community, historically, it was proven that "courage runs deep" in our submarine force. In WWII, Navy undersea warriors accounted for 52% of all ships sent to the bottom, with 52 "Still on Patrol." They are to this day a fearless group of sailors.

Finally, like the radar picket ships of WWII, current destroyers and frigates can add a huge defensive element against CHICOM incoming missiles. The capability to spoof and jam incoming guided weapons is an art of electronic warfare practiced by Navy forces for decades.

The 21st-century Navy can blind them and blast them and sink them – and that is real deterrence and should give the PRC pause. Before starting a hostile action, if you fight "Feet Wet," Admiral Lou, all your ships will be sunk.
The Chinese Navy has never fought a modern naval battle.  Its own aircraft carriers are knockoffs of a flawed Soviet-era design.  It has an inadequate force to space ratio when it comes to controlling the South China Sea, much less the Pacific.


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