Will the media quit ignoring the liberal fascists and their Brownshirt wing that calls itself Antifa?

NY Times:

Behind ‘Many Sides’ Remark, a Conservative View of Left Extremism

The president’s reluctance to single out the far right reflects a widely held conservative belief that the media overlooks left-wing extremism.
The liberal fascists have been responsible for almost all political violence since the inauguration of Trump until they clashed with the neo Nazis and white nationalists in Virginia.   These people usually wear masked to hide their identity and dress all in black.  They carry clubs and baseball bats for attacking conservatives and Trump supporters and for damaging property.

It should be noted that there was no violence on the first day of the events in Virginia.  The violence happened on the second day when the Antifa showed up and attacked people.   That the media gave them a pass in the Virginia violence is seen as rank media bias.  It is wrong to defend the neo-Nazis and it should be just as wrong to ignore the violence caused by the liberal fascists.

Even when the media does report on the "Antifa" violence it is not with the same animosity it has for others.


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