What has happened to the NY Times?

Red States:
Eager To Bash NRA And Dana Loesch, Reporters Fail To Understand English And Their Own Profession
It’s always fun to watch “journalists” expose themselves as juvenile know-nothings. Such is the case with today’s foolishness over Dana Loesch’s use of the word “fisking.”

Apparently many professional reporters know more about kinky sex than they do about words that actually pertain to their chosen profession. They jumped to the conclusion that Dana and the NRA intended to “fist” the New York Times (because that makes perfect sense, right?). It couldn’t possibly be the similar sounding word that means something about journalism, right?

verb, transitive
fisked, fisk-ing, fisks

To criticize and refute (a published article or argument), especially in point-by-point or line-by-line fashion on a blog.

Twitchy documented much of the idiocy before the embarrassed reporters started deleting their tweets.
My suspicion is that most of the reporters do not read conservative blogs and can't comprehend some of the words and phrases that are common on such sites when they criticize the media.   Check out the link above to see Dana Loesch in her NR add where she indicates they are going to fight back against unfair news coverage by "fisking" the Times.


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