Trump's critics of his reaction to violence are disingenuous

Thomas Lifson:
Trump’s critics reveling in the opportunity to tie him to white racists and Nazis

... They have been attempting to portray Trump as a Nazi, which is so deranged that anyone making the comparison is clearly a nut. Nazis do not marry off their favorite daughter to an orthodox Jew, watch her convert, and produce Jewish grandchildren.

The media campaign to require Trump to blame one side more than the other is an attempt to enforce two pillars of the orthodoxy of American victimology:

  1. In any conflict, the position taken by any African-American group or “leader” (even Black Lives Matter – “pigs in a blanket – fry ‘em like bacon” -- whose banners were visible yesterday in Charlottesville) is by definition morally superior to their critics.
  2. Words that any member of a victim class object to are sufficient provocation to violence, because words are themselves violence.

There is more.

I think the critics are being unfair.  Trump was critical of the violence.  BTW, where is the condemnation of the Antifa movement which has been responsible for most of the violence in this country since Trump's inauguration?  They have physically attacked those who oppose them as well as attacking property.


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