Trump deregulations are having a dramatic impact on business and jobs growth

Washington Times:
President Trump’s assault on red tape has saved businesses nearly $4 billion per year compared with President Barack Obama’s pace of imposing regulations, a new study found Tuesday.

Final rule costs during Mr. Trump’s first six months in office will cost U.S. businesses about $378 million per year, compared with $4.2 billion for the same period of Mr. Obama’s presidency, according to the conservative American Action Forum.

“The results are substantial,” said Dan Goldbeck, an analyst at AAF who prepared the report. “New regulatory burdens are a fraction of those established under President Obama’s first six months; overall regulatory volume has slowed to historically low levels; and a number of notable deregulatory measures have been initiated.”

Compared with the Obama administration, Mr. Trump has imposed 5 percent of the lifetime costs on businesses, 9 percent of the annual costs and 12.5 percent of the employee hours required for paperwork, the study found.

Mr. Goldbeck said the administration’s full impact on cutting regulations is yet to come. He noted that federal agencies have published proposals to roll back the Obama-era rules on “Waters of the United States” and hydraulic natural-gas drilling known as “fracking” that could collectively save about $350 million annually.

“Both the volume and impact of new regulatory burdens have slowed dramatically,” Mr. Goldbeck said. “Beyond these first six months, the administration’s ambition is clearly to go even farther and deeper.”

Corporate leaders and economists say the regulatory rollback has contributed to an optimistic business climate that has seen employers add more than 1 million jobs so far this year and contributed to a 20-percent rise in the stock market.
There is more.

This is one of the reasons the economy has done so well this year and it is something that the mainstream media has tried desperately to ignore and distract from.


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