A stunningly dishonest analysis by the Times

NY Times:

Trump Gives White Supremacists an Unequivocal Boost

When Mr. Trump equated anti-racism protesters with neo-Nazis, he legitimized white supremacists like no modern president.
Trump was unequivocal in his in his condemnation of the neo-Nazis and white supremacists.  What he condemned about the liberal fascists was their violence which has been on display across the country ever since his inauguration.

There have been many more violent riots by the fraudulently named Antifa than there have been by anyone else.  The media seeks to ignore their culpability in instigating violence apparently because they are attacking conservatives as well as the demonstrators in Virginia.

Antifa has become an anti free speech movement and it looks like the Times writers think they will be last to be attacked by this mob violence by leftists.

Here is another example of the media siding with liberal fascism:
Trump provokes new furor by giving foes of white supremacists equal blame for Charlottesville violence

Trump provokes new furor by giving foes of white supremacists equal blame

Making excuses for liberal fascism because of who they target is despicable.  There is a reason the University of California recently spent $9000 for an escape door for the college president.  The fascists of the fraudulently named Antifa have violently attacked speakers and local law enforcement sent to defend the speakers.  Excusing evil because of the people that are targetted is wrong.


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