The white nationalist are such a tiny minority they had to recruit from entire country to get a crowd

Robert Tracinski:

When I mention the white nationalists, I should note that they are not some spontaneous outpouring of local sentiment. Someone on the Left posted photos of the neo-Nazis on Twitter and asked if people could identify them, speculating that they might be members of University of Virginia College Republicans. (This person has apparently never met a college Republican. In my experience, they are paragons of bland respectability.)

When he actually got his answers, it turns out that the people in the photos were all known, active white supremacists—the usual suspects—and they came from all across the country: Arkansas, Nevada, North Dakota, Texas, Massachusetts, California. Everywhere but Charlottesville. I’m not saying that It Can’t Happen Here, but Spencer and his brownshirt wannabes are a very, very small fraction of the population. They have to draw from across the country to get enough people all in one place to be noticeable.

If Spencer’s march was deliberately designed to provoke a riot, the “antifa” college kids gave him what he wanted. So far, I’ve seen this downplayed in press coverage, but antifa came ready for fighting, too. Check out the photos here. Both sides came with their helmets and their goofy homemade shields, as if this is some kind of lame, hellish parody of a Renaissance Faire.

The two sides are mirror images of each other, and both have an interest in making our politics devolve into street fighting. Both sides have also been priming their people to be ready to kill for the cause, and it appears that Spencer’s gang got there first, with one of his followers ramming his car into a crowd and killing a young woman.

The ominous implication of this weekend’s riots is that we are letting our politics descend into a brutal, unprincipled, physical brawl between two illiberal caricatures—which drowns out real debates over opposing ideas and marginalizes any unifying principles that we might draw on as reasons not to just kill each other.
There is more.

The left insults Trump voters by claiming that these goofballs are Trump's base or even significant enough to make a difference in any election.  The left also ignores the fact that up until this event every violent demonstration since the Trump inauguration has been by the so-called Antifa or liberal fascists.  Where is the left's denunciation of this much larger group of violent people on their side?

It appears to me that the man allegedly responsible for the death of a woman was properly charged.  I think it is too early to suggest this was a premeditated attack or that others were aware of what he was going to do.  If the evidence shows that then more indictments will be forthcoming.  The action does not have the characteristics of a premeditated attack organized by a group at this point.  I think if there was evidence of premeditation the charge against the man would have been first-degree murder instead of second-degree murder.


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