The limitations of the statue wars of the left

Polling shows that 62 percent of voters oppose the left's war on statues.  While that alone will not stop them from pursuing the destruction of historical artifacts, it could have long term consequences for their election prospects.

People who would oppose the destruction Roman artifacts in Syria or Buddist artifacts in Afghanistan are all too eager to destroy the artifacts of a failed revolution in the US.  But if you weighed the cultural differences of the Romans with that of the Southern generals you would find the Romans were a much more brutal culture who even nailed an innocent man to a cross to please a mob.  The Romans routinely made slaves of defeated enemies.  Yet we still treasure the artifacts of their culture and study what they did despite their flaws.

The Confederate generals were also flawed men, but we can still learn from them.  One thing that should be more obvious than it is, is the mistake of backing an attempt to leave the union.  It is a mistake that is openly talked about in some blue states today like California.

We study history to learn from others' mistakes so we can avoid them.  Destroying historical artifacts is antithetical to that endeavor.


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