The left's big lie about 'voter suppression'

Every person in India has a voter ID.  We are talking about a billion or so voters.  In Mexico, every citizen has a voter ID.  The left opposes them for the US because they make it harder for them to cheat.  They want to keep dead people on the roles so that Democrats can use their vote to win elections.  They want to be able to bus people who do not live in an area to polling places so they can vote multiple times.

So why does the Washington Post still make the following argument:
Voter suppression is the civil rights issue of this era
To put it bluntly, dead people and illegal aliens should have their votes suppressed.  In this country, voter registrations exceed eligible voters by more than three million people.  That could turn a lot of elections for Democrats who are willing to cheat.

It is not a civil right for dead people and illegal aliens to vote.  The Post should be ashamed of the argument it is making.


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