Russia alleged to be supplying Iran in violation of Obama's nuclear deal

Legal Insurrection:
In what could be one of the most serious violations of the Iran Nuclear Deal so far, Russia may be involved in secret weapons deals with Tehran. The allegations were made by the German newspaper Die Welt, citing Western intelligence agencies — often a shorthand for Germany’s foreign intelligence agency Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND).

Die Welt, Germany’s most-read newspaper, published a satellite image showing Iranian military aircraft on the Russian airbase located inside the Syrian territories currently under the control of the Assad Regime. According to the newspaper, intelligence sources have confirmed the existence of a “new smuggling route between Russia and Iran” that runs through Assad-held Syria. On two occasions, Iranian planes delivered military equipment to the Russian airbase that was reportedly shipped to Russia for maintenance purposes.

Under the terms of the Obama-backed Iran Nuclear Deal Framework announced in April 2015, to which Russia is also a signee, all UN member states are forbidden from supplying duel-use, and offensive military hardware or technology to Tehran. Military deals with the Islamic Republic must first be examined by the United Nations Security Council to prevent Iran from upgrading its ballistic missiles program or boost its offensive military capabilities. These restrictions also apply to the maintenance of Iran’s existing weapons systems.
There is more.

This is more evidence of the weakness of the deal and may explain why Iran can ramp up so quickly if they decide to ignore the deal.  It is also evidence that Russia is not living up to the terms of the agreement either.


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