Media seems willfully blind to Trump sarcasm on Russia

NY Times:

Combative Trump Pulls His Punches for One Man: Putin

There is a long list of people President Trump has been willing to publicly attack. But his reaction to the Kremlin’s plan to slash the U.S. Embassy staff shows that Vladimir V. Putin is not on the target list.
During the campaign when Trump made a joke about getting Hillary Clinton's missing emails from Russia, the media ridiculously asserted that he was trying to collude with them.  They are making the same mistake with this story.

He is really aiming his barb at Putin by implying that his retaliation against sanctions was of no consequence and actually benefited Trump's policy of cutting government spending.  It is the equivalent of a fighter telling a puncher, "Is that all you got."

The media should have someone in its ranks who actually get this, but they would rather stay with their false narrative about Trump being too close with the Russians.  Ironically they are doing this as their collusion narrative has already crumbled and their fall back position of claiming Russia hacked the Democrats is also falling apart.


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