DOJ and Comey accused of cover up in Clinton-Lynch meeting

Right Scoop:
A new email dump from the FBI via a FOIA request by the ACLJ reveals what appears to be collusion between the media and the DOJ to squash the story about the 2016 meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton on the tarmac in Phoenix, AZ.

Also Comey reportedly said the FBI had no documents related to this meeting to fill a prior FOIA request. That apparently isn’t true, given this new email dump.
The Washington Post reporter told the DOJ he wanted to put the story to rest.  The NY Times reporter indicated he was reluctant to do the story as did ABC News.  One of the really strange aspects of the production is the redaction of the DOJ talking points they put together to defend Lynch's meeting.  Why would they try to hide their own talking points?  Why did Comey say there were no documents to produce when there clearly were?


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