Boston let liberal fascists shut down free speech

Steve Berman:
The Boston Free Speech rally, which is being universally reported in the press as the “free speech” rally, was shamefully shut down by a heckler’s protest, surrounded by jackbooted Boston riot police. The Washington Post and reported “a handful” of attendees, who never even got to make their speeches as they were terrorized by thousands of left-wing activists.

Shame on Boston.

The rally had been planned long before the Charlottesville white supremacist march. It was organized by John Medlar, a local college student, who has repeatedly denied any connection with Richard Spencer or any of the tiki brigade at Charlottesville.

Their crime? They support President Donald Trump. Anyone curious or supporting conservative values was terrified to even try to go to the rally. They were terrorized by a rabid mob willing to commit violence in the sight of the press and claim its righteousness.
This kind of intolerance for free speech is likely to end badly.  When it does the media will be as responsible as those who participate in a violent exchange because it did not condemn the liberal fascists and their Antifa Brownshirts.

In the future, those wishing to hold such a rally such get a court order enjoining Antifa from interference with their 1st Amendment rights and ordering police to protect them from the violent leftists.


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