Australia terror bomb plot discovered because the bag was too heavy

A terrorist plot to blow up a passenger plane by putting a bomb in luggage in the hold was narrowly thwarted at Sydney airport after the suitcase was found to be too heavy to be checked in.

The contents of the bag were discovered in counter terrorism raids in Sydney on the evening of Saturday 29 July.

Four men were arrested and detained on suspicion of plotting to smuggle an improvised explosive device onto an Etihad flight departing Sydney for Abu Dhabi, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. One was later released without charge.

It is understood that the device, which was a meat mincer designed to explode or disperse deadly gas, according to police, reached the airport’s international terminal.

The Sydney Morning Herald said “multiple sources” confirmed the attempt to check the luggage in, but added that had it made it past the airline check-in, it could subsequently still have been detected in a security screening. 
The accused in this attempt all appear to be Muslims.  It looks like a failed attempt at a mass murder for Allah attack.


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