A Democrat cover up of the Lynch Clinton meeting?

Washington Times:
A Democratic attorney on the Senate Judiciary Committee looking into former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s possible effort to influence the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton helped edit the media talking points about the infamous tarmac meeting last year between Bill Clinton and Ms. Lynch while working for the Obama administration.

Mr. Clinton and Ms. Lynch met in what the two insist was a chance social encounter at the airport in Phoenix in June 2016 — just hours before the Obama Department of Justice weighed in on whether Mrs. Clinton had revealed classified information while secretary of state by using a private email account. That private meeting sparked a wave of FOIA requests by Judicial Watch, the American Center for Law, and others — which produced 413 pages of documents, including email correspondence — released earlier this week.

On Wednesday, the Washington Free Beacon reported that former Justice Department attorney Paige Herwig, who was on the airplane when Mr. Clinton and Ms. Lynch met and later drafted the department’s media talking points, is now serving as counsel for Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, according to her LinkedIn profile and other sources.
The Democrat foxes are guarding the hen house on this investigation.


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