Voter Integrity Commission challenges those who claim right of data privacy

Washington Times:
President Trump’s voting integrity commission fired back at critics Wednesday, saying the Supreme Court has never recognized a constitutional right to “informational privacy” that would prevent the panel from collecting and studying voter registration data from all 50 states.

In court filings, the Justice Department and integrity commission Vice Chairman Kris W. Kobach also said the panel has taken solid steps to prevent information from being hacked, and said they have no plans to release most voters’ information to the public.

Mr. Kobach last week asked states to provide names, addresses, partial Social Security numbers, voter history, military status and prior felony convictions. He said only information that is public record needs to be submitted.

But his letter spurred a feverish backlash, with both Democratic and Republican officials saying they will refuse to cooperate. The Electronic Privacy Information Center also went to court in Washington, D.C., arguing the panel broke privacy laws and didn’t have safeguards to protect the information should state officials provide it.

The Justice Department said the lawsuit was misguided.

“EPIC’s claim of a constitutional right to informational privacy fails because neither the Supreme Court nor the D.C. Circuit has held that a federal constitutional right to informational privacy exists,” the government’s lawyers said.
Liberals appear to be desperate to make it easier for Democrats to cheat when it comes to voting fraud.   They keep making claims of voter suppression without any evidence.  They appear to have the racist notion that blacks and other minorities don't have the mental capacity or initiative of securing a free voter identification card.

Byron York points out that some of these states are actually selling the data they are withholding from the voter integrity commission.


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