Those in media made the decision they did not have to treat Trump fairly are shocked that he is fighting back

NY Times:

Independent Press Is Under Siege as Freedom Rings

How can America have a feel-good birthday when one of the pillars of our 241-year-old republic is under near-daily assault from the highest levels of the government?
The game used to be that the liberal media provided fawning coverage for the most part to Democrats and used Republicans as stoic punching bags who mostly absorbed the blows and tried to ignore them.  Trump is different.  He does not fall into a defensive crouch.  He lashes back and attacks his attackers.

The media is not used to that and they do not seem to be handling it well.  In fact, they act like they are the victims of an unprovoked attack as if they have never made unfair accusations against the President.  It is ironic that Jim Rutenberg is writing this piece for the Times because he was one of the proponents of treating Trump differently from other office holders.

By now, most in the media know the Russian collusion story was a scam dreamed up by Democrats as an excuse for losing.  Yet they keep looking for other avenues of attack rather than apologizing and looking to treat everyone fairly including the President.  As long as they think it is their job to bring down the President, they should expect significant pushback.

The independent press is not under siege.  There are no troops taking over their newsroom.  No one id dictating to them what they must write.  But they should not whine when those they targets disagree with them.


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