The fear that the healthcare revisions will still be too much like Obamacare?

NY Times:

Health Bill Revision Raises Fear of ‘Junk Insurance’

  • The Republicans’ proposal to overturn the Affordable Care Act could allow insurers to sell bare-bones plans that fail to pay for what is now deemed essential medical care.
  • Companies would also be able to take into account people’s health status to decide whether to insure them and at what price.
Under Obamacare, people who actually have to pay for it get a terrible deal.  A truck driver with a family of four pays upward to $2,000 a month and because of the high deductible of around $5,000 it does not cover his meds that cost $500 a month.  The only thing he is really covered for is a catastrophic illness, while he is subsidizing sick people for the Democrats.  A widow with two toddlers has seen her plans canceled numerous times and now pays over a $1,000 a month with a huge deductible too.

I would say that both of these people have been inflicted with junk insurance by the Democrats.  Both would be far better off buying insurance without the Obamacare mandates that covered their most likely needs and then using a health savings account to cover most of their immediate needs.  Do Democrats not have the slightest bit of guilt for how they have ruined these people's lives with their junk Obamacare policies?

Those responsible for naming this monstrosity the Affordable Care Act should be sued for fraud.  The media that supports it should be ashamed.


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