Texas Democrats still in the toilet

Kevin Williamson:
That’s what Texas Democrats apparently mean by “star power” — losing in the polls but winning the Washington Post style section.
Texas politics is in the midst of a kind of double civil war. The Democrats have not yet figured out that being the party of little old liberal white ladies with a fanatical dedication to defending the abortion license is a thing of the past for a party whose future is younger and browner than its present. The Democrats are torn between being the party of Elizabeth Warren and the party of the guy who cuts her grass, and it is inevitable that the people who provide the Democrats with their votes and manpower are going to eventually start asking why it is that their policy agenda, which is economically focused, is being held hostage to the excretory and sexual obsessions of a relatively tiny cabal of Wellesley graduates and puffed-up assistant vice principals.
There is much more.

The toilet reference is to the "bathroom" bill and the attempt to keep men in dresses out of the girls room.


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