Study shows that Democrat run states are the least financially sound

A recent study by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University shows that states that have lower taxes are the most fiscally sound in the nation, while higher-tax states are still failing to make up for budget shortfalls.

The study shows that the best-run states are Republican strongholds, while the ten “least-solvent” states are heavily Democratic.

Of 25 best-run states, all but four of the states are GOP strongholds. Of the bottom 25 states, all but five are overwhelmingly Democratic.

According to the Tax Foundation’s 2017 report, the average tax burden among the 10 most fiscally sound states is 8.5%, while the average tax burden among the 10 least fiscally sound states is 10.2%.

Put simply, of the 15 “least-solvent” states, 10 of them are among the 15 states with the highest tax burdens.

Of the nine states that raised taxes in 2017, four of them are ranked in the bottom tier, and none of them are in the top 10.
This also seems consistent with the way the Democrats under Obama dragged down the US economy with higher taxes and restrictive regulations that cost billions to comply with.   This also should explain why Democrats are losing elections.   However, they seem to remain willfully ignorant on the point and keep on doing the things that make them fail.


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