Russian data on Nork missile launch conflicts with US

Russia has submitted documents proving the North Korea projectile launched last week was an intermediate-range missile.

Russia's state-run Tass news agency reported the proof was submitted to the United Nations secretariat and contradicts U.S. and South Korea findings that show the Hwasong-14 rocket is an intercontinental ballistic missile, capable of reaching the U.S. mainland.

According to Tass, the Russian documents submitted to the United Nations on Saturday stated the Voronezh radar base in Irkutsk, Russia, tracked the launched of a North Korea midrange ballistic missile on July 4.

Missile flight time was 14 minutes, the maximum altitude reached was 332 miles and flight distance was 317 miles, Russia stated.

Based on the data, the Hwasong-14 is a midrange missile that can hit targets within a 1,240-mile range.

Russia's proof includes a map of the missile flight path.
The North Koreans and the US dispute this claim by Russia.  I get the feeling the Russians may be trying to get the US to release its own tracking data for reasons that have nothing to do with North Korea.


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