Norks whine about US faux bombing run

'Tipping point for nuclear war' - North Korea lashes out after US practice bombing run
For a country that has been threatening to wipe out the US and its allies in the region they sure can't seem to deal with a practice bombing run.
Saturday's drill, designed to "sternly respond" to potential missile launches by the North, saw two US bombers destroy "enemy" missile batteries and South Korean jets mount precision strikes against underground command posts.

The North's state-run Rodong newspaper accused Washington and Seoul of ratcheting up tensions with the drill, in an editorial titled "Don't play with fire on a powder keg."

"The US, with its dangerous military provocation, is pushing the risk of a nuclear war on the peninsula to a tipping point," it said, describing the peninsula as the "world's biggest tinderbox."
The North Koreans specialize in bluster and threats.  This suggests they are ready to live up to the threats they have made.


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