Media still using discredited claim that 17 intel agencies said there was Russian interference with US election

Jay Caruso:
CNN And NBC Continue To Screw Up On Russia, Giving Trump ‘Fake News’ Fuel

Today, Jim Acosta of CNN and Katy Tur of NBC both repeated a claim that has been shown to be incorrect. First, Acosta beclowned himself on television. He repeated the claim that “All 17 intelligence agencies” concluded Russia meddled in the 2016 election.

Acosta said, “Trump said it was only 3 or 4. Where did he get this number?’

Probably from the DNI report, Jim. The one that states the CIA, FBI, and NSA all reached the same conclusion on Russian meddling.

Katy Tur of NBC weighed in, repeating the same falsehood as Acosta....
James Clapper, in testimony before Congress, said it was three agencies and not seventeen. People keep referring to this statement from DHS and DNI as “proof” that the “17 agencies” claim is correct but look at the agencies listed. Why on earth would the Drug Enforcement Agency or Coast Guard be asked to assess Russian meddling in the election? It’s absurd.
They have their agenda and they seem reluctant to let the facts get in the way of pushing their agenda.  I think they are not just doing this by mistake.  Both the NY Times and the AP have corrected their previous stories that made the bogus 17 intel agency claim.  So shy are other media outlets sticking with a false narrative?  I think it is because they are more interested in attacking the Trump administration than they are in reporting the truth.


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