Kubota Tractors moves its North American headquarters from California to Texas

Dallas Morning News:
Less than two years after starting work on the project, Japan-based Kubota Tractor Corp. has opened its new North American headquarters in Grapevine.

Almost 300 people work in the two-building complex located just off State Highway 121.

Like auto giant Toyota, Kubota has moved its U.S. base from Torrance, Calif to Texas.

Kubota - which is one of the world's largest manufactures of tractors, construction equipment and other machinery products - expanded into the U.S. in 1972 with a small office in Southern California.

"There were only 18 employees and the company sold 2,000 units in its first year," said Masatoshi Kimata, Kubota Corp. president who was in Grapevine Friday for the opening. "Now we employ nearly 4,600 hard working Americans."

Kubota sells more than 150,000 of its products in North America each year.
The tractors have a good reputation.  The Dallas area is a more central location, not to mention the benefits of the Texas economy which allows their employees to have a higher standard of living.  The new facility is built to accommodate a doubling of their work force at the location.


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