I have no reverance for Putin. I just don't believe the Democrats and their media cohorts

NY Times:

Democrats and the media seem blinded by their hatred of Trump even on this issue.  If Putin was trying to undermine the US election he would not limit that attack to just Democrats.  The Donald Trump, Jr. emails reveal a plot to get a meeting on a false promise of negative information about a political opponent.

So the same people who created the disinformation campaign against Trump in their dirty dossier appear to have set up a meeting promising negative information about Clinton.  They appear to be playing both sides in trying to discredit the election and in stirring up the kind of animosity the Democrats and the media have embraced.  Both seem to be too blinded by their own biases to notice how the Russians are still playing them.

The reasons the attacks on Trump are not working are probably many, but none of them persuade conservatives to agree with Democrats on anything.  The attacks are the equivalent of name calling and insults and they just do not work.

Ironically, Democrats have proposed a new campaign slogan that goes along the lines of "consider the alternative to us."  We have and we still don't like you.  Your policies are still bad and you don't care how many people you harm with Obamacare and your political correctness agenda.  You don't care about the people you harm by pandering to illegal aliens.  You just don't care about anything other than your hatred of Trump and your hatred of those who voted against you.

The media has become the little boy who cried wolf.  They have been so wrong so often in pursuing their Russian conspiracy theories that it is hard to take them seriously at this point.  They want it to be true too much to do honest reporting.  Even when they have some factual basis for a story they engage in fraud by omission.  They have claimed to have wiretap evidence and then denied it.  They have claimed that 17 intelligence agencies reached a conclusion when they did not.


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