Has NY Times forgotten the source for the information in the dirty dossier already?

NY Times:

Examining Political Rivals’ Pasts Is Standard. But Not by Hostile Nations.

Donald Trump Jr. was looking for dirt on rivals, a typical part of modern campaigns. But information is not usually harvested from, say, Russia.
Oh, come on.

The NY Times knows very well that Democrats were circulating the dirty dossier based on information coming from Russia.  They just used Fusion GPS and the former British spook to gather the disinformation from Russia.  Democrats are still pushing this unbelievable crap.

If the Russians were trying to undermine the US the liberal media in this country has been a willing accomplice.  The Russians are playing them more than they played Donald Trump, Jr.  Are those in the media so blinded by their Trump hatred they can't see how a foreign power is using them?


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