Did Hillary Clinton say 'I love it' when Fusion delivered the dirty dossier filled with Russian intelligence disinformation?

Washington Post:
Is Trump Jr.’s ‘I love it’ email a smoking gun or a distraction?

In one America, Donald Trump’s emails were the smoking gun in the investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to take down the Clinton candidacy. But in Trump Country, it was just one more toy gun masquerading as the real thing.
We don't know what she said because Wikileaks did not get all her emails, but we do know she did not disavow the dirty dossier and it was widely circulated by her supporters.   My speculation is that if she thought it would help her campaign she would have loved it despite the fact it came from a Russian intelligence disinformation campaign.

What the media has not woken up to is that the Russian operation was actually aimed at both candidates to try to weaken the US and get the parties into a spat they are currently engaged in.  Only a few Democrats have actually awakened to this realization either.

But the fact that one campaign comes across something that hurts it opponent and "loves it" is not unusual and if you are going to start prosecuting it there will be few survivors on either side.

The main reason that the mainstream media has not awakened to this reality is that they see the emails that look like they will hurt Trump and THEY LOVE IT.  They have probably been high fiving it in the newsroom with each revelation.


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