Comey's self-serving memos to the file were government documents with classified info in them

When Comey personal memos on meetings with Trump were made known, several observers, myself among them made two points. First, the memos were clearly government documents as defined by the Federal Records Act. You had one federal employee writing an aide memoire concerning a conversation he had with another member of the federal government about matters involving his official duties. The meeting took place while both officials were on duty. The meeting took place in a government office. The memo was written on a government provided computer while the individual writing it sat in a government card, driven by a government driver, and most likely with at government bodyguard. Some of the memos were discussed with subordinates of the author during duty hours in a government office. In short, if there was ever such a thing as a government document, Comey’s memos were that thing.

The second point was that the memos almost certainly contained classified information because of the nature of the discussions. They were certainly classified at the For Official Use Only level simply because they were private conversations between an agency head and the president.
Nothing here is a big deal beyond showing, again, that Comey played fast and loose with the rules whenever he wanted to. Comey passed government documents containing some classified information to a person not authorized to handle the documents with the intent that the documents be made public. That, common sense dictates, is wrong....
It also violates FBI rules on such disclosures.  It is the sort of rule that is common to all investigatory agencies.  Will the Mueller team investigate Comey's mishandling of government documents or is there a conflict of interest because they are close personal friends?

This looks like Watergate in reverse where the FBI and the intel agencies are the ones that have been violating the law.


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