Can ISIS still motivate mass murder attacks around the world?

NY Times:
Within radical Islam, there is still a motivation for mass murder that comes from the Koran and other Islamic thoughts.  As a religion, Islam has been the largest mass murder operation in the history of the world.  It killed millions from India to Europe before the terrorist operations resurfaced in the mass murder of Americans. The urge to mass murder receded after the Europeans managed to defeat Muslim armies and its navy in the middle ages.

The discovery of America was a result of looking for an alternative trade route to India and China that had been largely blocked by Islamists conquest on the Middle East.  Once the Americas were discovered they became the focus of the Europeans and there was less contact with the Islamic world.

ISIS had some success in recruiting terrorists because it had a core group that was effective recruiters of mass murderers.  Wiping out that core group may make it harder to organize those attacks, but groups like al Qaeda may seize the opportunity to do the same.


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