Wind power accounts for 15 percent of Texas electricty

Fuel Fix:
The percent of wind power that accounts for generation in Texas increases every year. In 2016, wind power accounted for 15 percent of generation, up from 12 percent in 2015 and 3 percent a decade ago.

Ten years ago, only 14 counties in ERCOT's system had wind farms, but in 2016 there were wind farms in 50 counties.

Wind in Texas typically blows when the grid doesn't need it -- at night, when power use is low, and in non-summer months, when power use has not peaked. Nonetheless, there is now so much available wind power in Texas that even when wind farms are at their lowest output, the energy they add to the grid is noticeable.
It is still an inefficient energy source that lacks the capability to be modulated to fit demand.  It, like solar energy, is a niche product that at some points can supplement more reliable energy sources.


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